Take your Welsh anywhere with Cadw Sŵn

My revolutionary Welsh-at-home course, which aims to use music and stories to make learning Welsh easier and more enjoyable.

“I often think that, if there were some way of learning Welsh painlessly and overnight – perhaps by placing a disk under one’s pillow and waking up in full command of the language, most people in Wales would eagerly try it. Alas, there’s no such magic technology – not yet. But a new technique on the market is the next best thing. Cadw Swn consists of ten CDs and a handsome course file designed to take you from absolute beginning to reasonable fluency in Welsh… 

…you may find that you can pick up Welsh more quickly than you thought.”

Meic Stephens, writing in The Western Mail, the national newspaper of Wales

You can pick up a copy of the book from my online shop, Amazon, or find out more at cadwswn.com

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